If you’re a media creator, you can use this radio ad on your podcast, radio show, in videos, or anywhere:


Stereo 320k MP3 (1 meg)

Mono WAV file (2.5 megs)

Stereo WAV file (5 megs)

We’ve released this ad Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. So do what you want with it. You can even remix it. You don’t need to ask permission for any of this. And since the attribution is already in the ad, no specific additional attribution is required.

If you’d prefer to voice the ad yourself, either as a live read or a recorded ad, here’s the text:

30-SECOND MeowBit RADIO AD text:

MeowBit is Free Software from the Freedom Feens that allows you to effortlessly view Dot-Bit websites. MeowBit works on ALL browsers.

Dot-Bit is a new type of web address that’s NOT controlled by any government or corporation.

And we’ll show you how to register a Dot-Bit domain today using a few cents worth of Namecoin.

If anyone ever shuts down your Dot-Com website, users will still be able to get to your site using your Dot-Bit address and our Free Software, MeowBit

Go to MeowBit Dot-Com, that’s M-E-O-W-B-I-T Dot-Com.

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