Download and print 4-up MeowBit cards to hand out


… conventions, parties, anywhere you wanna be hip and happenin’!

Talk radio superstar Neema Vedadi of the Freedom Feens will be handing these out today and tomorrow at the Texas Bitcoin Conference. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. I’m not hip enough to be there, so I’ll be handing these out at the Casper, Wyoming east-side WalMart.

Print some of these up on light card stock (light colors make it even nicer!), cut them in four, and carry them with you. If you go anywhere hipper than the Casper, Wyoming east-side WalMart, hand them out to the beautiful people please!

Get the PDF HERE. MeowBit 4-up cards

Thank you for your service.


Neema Vedadi with the MeowBit cards he’s handing out at the Texas Bitcoin Conference:


update: One of the cards Tweeted in a photo by Brian Sovryn, one of the speakers at the Texas Bitcoin Conference:


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