The Inside Scoop on How MWD Went from FreeSpeechMe to MeowBit in One Week

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Michael W. Dean is interviewed for an hour by Derrick J. Freeman on the Angel Clark show on Michael spills the beans on what happened to make him go in one week from screaming FreeSpeechMe! at the top of his lungs to anyone who would listen to him screaming MeowBit! at the top of of his lungs to anyone who would listen.

They also discuss childhood motivations that lead to being a liberty activist.

MeowBit FAQ:

Q. What is MeowBit?
A. MeowBit is Free Software for Windows that allows you to effortlessly view Dot-Bit websites. It works on your entire system: ALL browsers, plus e-mail, instant messenger, FTP, everything on your computer. MeowBit is TRUSTLESS, i.e., you don’t have to trust a third party to ensure you are going to the desired site. That’s a good thing.

Q. What is Dot-Bit?
A. Dot-Bit (.bit) is a new top-level domain that, unlike Dot-Com, Dot-Net, Dot-UK, etc., is NOT controlled by any government or corporation. Dot-Bit works on the blockchain of Namecoin.
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Steps for getting up and running with MeowBit and Dot-Bit, IN ORDER


A lot of people ask me all this every day. So instead of typing it over and over, I figured I’d make one post and send people here. Consider this a sort of site map for the most critical tutorials on this site.

Here are my recommended steps, in order, for getting up and running. From viewing Dot-Bit websites to having your own Dot-Bit website.

1.Download and install The Namecoin Wallet and MeowBit for Windows, and install them:

MeowBit Installation Page.

Read the whole thing please, especially the part about downloading the wallet blockchain for five hours the first time before telling us “IT DOESN’T WORK!” lol.

After five hours of letting the Namecoin Wallet update (with your computer on!), confirm that you can search the Dot-Bit web by trying several of the sites listed on this List of working Dot-Bit websites.

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