MeowBit FAQ:

Q. What is MeowBit?
A. MeowBit is Free Software for Windows that allows you to effortlessly view Dot-Bit websites. It works on your entire system: ALL browsers, plus e-mail, instant messenger, FTP, everything on your computer. MeowBit is TRUSTLESS, i.e., you don’t have to trust a third party to ensure you are going to the desired site. That’s a good thing.

Q. What is Dot-Bit?
A. Dot-Bit (.bit) is a new top-level domain that, unlike Dot-Com, Dot-Net, Dot-UK, etc., is NOT controlled by any government or corporation. Dot-Bit works on the blockchain of Namecoin.
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Free Talk Live and Free Keene now have dot-bit mirror sites!



Free Talk Live, the preeminent syndicated liberty radio show, has added a dot-bit mirror, so you can still access the site in case some cranky government control freak ever seizes their domain.

Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live’s site Free Keene also has a dot-bit mirror. FTL tech guru Michael Hampton set these up.

Get the Namecoin wallet and MeowBit dot-bit viewing software, free, here. A list of sites (many of them liberty sites) with dot-bit mirrors is here. Info on how to start your own dot-bit mirror to keep your sites drone-proof (ICANN proof, actually) is here.

A proxy for viewing dot-bit sites without installing software is here. That’s NOT drone proof, but is a fun kind of “training wheels for dot-bit.”

http://freetalklive.bit mirror of Free Talk Live radio show.
http://freekeene.bit mirror of Ian Freeman from Free Talk Live’s blog, Free Keene.

(Both sites work now in dot-bit. However, in the event of an ICANN take down, both sites will be fully configured to have everything work seamlessly via dot-bit.)

–Michael W. Dean