post 'your questions here please. Search first and see if it's been answered, and we DO hope you read the FAQ and Install info on the site. If you didn't, we'll tell you to RTFM. lol. If you did and you still have questions, we're happy to hear them!


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Please leave a clear and detailed comment on our help forum if you have any issues with any aspect of running MeowBit. We like bug reports. And we'll try to help you promptly. Keep in mind, we are only two people, we're not getting paid, and we have lives. And please search before posting to see if your question has already been answered. Thanks!

If you have problems getting MeowBit to work, please post on the forum:
--the text in latest log file:

The log path might be this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MeowBit\logs\console


C:\Program Files\MeowBit\logs\console

(arrange by date, copy text from most recent file in there)

NOTE: There may be personal info in the logs (i.p. address, operating system, sites you visited, etc.), but unlike the NSA and your ISP, we WILL delete them as soon as we're done analyzing them. Unless you post them on our forum, which we do encourage, as we can group-source solutions.

--A screenshot or description of icon you see.
And just tell us how it works on your end please.

But we also like to hear from you when things go well and if you enjoy MeowBit! Comments aren't just for bug reports! (But please post those in "Welcome to MeowBit").
And if you enjoy MeowBit, please, TELL TWO FRIENDS!
Freedom Feens, yo!
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